How much does a trolling motor and battery weigh?

Trolling Motor And Battery Weight

Depending on what kind of boating you plan on doing, the weight of your supplies can really add up.

No matter whether you are looking to place a trolling motor on an inflatable boat, a kayak, pontoon boat, etc., you will need to take the weight of the motor and the marine battery into consideration when planning your trip.

In this article, you’ll find info comparing the weight of different classes of trolling motors, as well as the batteries that power them.

How much does an electric trolling motor weigh?

The average weight of an electric trolling motor is between 20-27 lbs (9-12kg). The weight of the motor depends on the following attributes:

  • power (thrust)
  • shaft length

You will find the weight and specs of several popular brands of trolling motors in the table below.

Weight (lbs)Thrust (lb)Shaft length (inch)
Newport Vessels NV203630
Newport Vessels NV224630
Newport Vessels NV245530
Newport Vessels NV278636
Newport Vessels X214036
Newport Vessels X255536
Minn Kota Endura153030
Minn Kota Endura214036
Minn Kota Endura255536
Minn Kota Endura265542

You can see that trolling motors don’t get very heavy, even as you go up in power.

How much does a trolling motor battery weigh?

The weight of a marine battery mainly depends on its capacity (amp hour rating) and its chemistry.

It is advisable to use only AGM or Lithium batteries on boats, as they are completely sealed, maintenance-free, and can be bumped around without problems.

Also, keep in mind that if you have a larger 24V motor, you will need two 12V batteries connected in series to get 24V power.

The batteries listed below are all marine grade, AGM or Lithium batteries.

Weight (lbs)AhChemistryTypeSize
Mighty Max ML18-121218AGMDeep-cyclen/a
Renogy 501550LithiumDeep-cyclen/a
VMAX V35-8572535AGMDeep-cycleU1
Renogy 10026100LithiumDeep-cyclen/a
Mighty Max ML55-123855AGMDeep-cycle22NF
Optima 8016-1034355AGMDual purpose34M
Universal UB12100064100AGMDeep-cycle27
VMAX MR12769100AGMDeep-cycle27

You can see that the weight of the battery is affected by it’s amperag and whether it is AGM or Lithium.

What is the combined weight of a trolling motor and a battery?

Based on the above tables detailing the weight of batteries and trolling motors, their combined weight would be between 20 lbs for an 18 lb thrust motor + 18 Ah battery, all the way to 165 lbs for an 86 lb thrust + 2 x 100Ah batteries.

Of course, this range is very wide, so it is important to know what type of boating you plan on doing.

55 lb thrust trolling motors are suitable for most applications and will run with any deep cycle marine battery.

The weight of such a setup would be around 62 lbs (29 kg), which is an acceptable weight for inflatable rafts as well.

55 lb thrust Newport Vessels NV
weight: 23 lbs

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor X 55 Lbs

Price check

55 Ah AGM Mighty Max bettery
weight: 39 lbs

Mighty Max Battery Agm 55ah

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