Wiring Trolling Motors

Wiring Trolling Motors Correctly & Safely

If you’re having trouble getting your trolling motor wired correctly, I’ve been in your shoes. Installing a new trolling motor is relatively easy, but it is not intuitive the first time around. In this article on wiring trolling motors, I will show you everything you need to get the job done and walk you through the process step-by-step. Things you’ll need to wire your trolling motor Here is a list of the parts that you will need for installation. Some of them will be included with your motor, but some you’ll need to get separately.

Circuit Breakers Trolling Motors

Circuit Breakers for Trolling Motors – Proper Use & Tips

Circuit breakers play a critical role in all electrical systems. You have them in your home, in your car, and you need circuit breakers for trolling motors as well. If you’re new to electric trolling motors, you may not even know what a circuit breaker is and why you need one. I sure didn’t at first! This guide will teach you everything you need to know on the topic, so let’s begin.

Deep Cycle Battery Charging Guide

How to Properly Charge a Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Battery for Longevity

Learning the ins and outs of deep cycle battery charging is the secret to extending the life of your batteries. There are many things you need to do and even more you don’t do, as I’ve learned from experience and readings. This instructional post will teach you the best way to charge a deep cycle marine battery used on boats to power a trolling motor and other electric gadgets. Let’s begin! Use a smart battery charger It seems like all devices nowadays are “smart”. This is true for deep cycle battery chargers as well in . One of the best …

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Marine Battery Group Sizes

Marine battery group size guide

If you run a trolling motor on your boat or any other accessories that need to be powered (stereo, fish finder, etc), you will need a marine battery. While searching for batteries, you will come across the term battery group size. But what are battery group sizes exactly? What is the meaning of Battery Group Size? The term “battery group size” simply refers to the battery’s physical case size. It is a specification that you’ll find on all boat batteries. It is basically the physical measurements of the battery casing as set by the Battery Council International (BCI). The height, …

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Trolling Motor And Battery Weight

How much does a trolling motor and battery weigh?

Depending on what kind of boating you plan on doing, the weight of your supplies can really add up. No matter whether you are looking to place a trolling motor on an inflatable boat, a kayak, pontoon boat, etc., you will need to take the weight of the motor and the marine battery into consideration when planning your trip. In this article, you’ll find info comparing the weight of different classes of trolling motors, as well as the batteries that power them.

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