How to clean inflatable boats (to look like new)

Proper care, cleaning and maintenance of an inflatable boat will not only keep your boat in tip-top shape, it will also extend its lifespan. If your boat is cleaned regularly, it will look like new almost all of the time. But if you don’t clean maintain your boat, the fabric will start turning dark, which will take more effort to …

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The 4 floor types found on inflatable boats

The flooring of an inflatable boat is an important factor to consider, since each floor type has it’s uses, pros and cons. The 4 types of flooring you’ll encounter in inflatable boats are: roll up floors hard floors air floors rigid floors in RIBs


Real life expectancy of inflatable boats

If you’re considering buying an inflatable boat, be it a dinghy, pontoon boat, kayak, or just an inflatable raft, you are probably curious about its lifespan, so in other words, how long you can expect your boat to function safely. Knowing how long inflatable boats last is especially important if you are considering buying a used inflatable watercraft. What is …

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Inflatable boat safety guide

Boating is a great water sport, but staying safe while having fun is imperative. Many people have asked me the question: Are inflatable boats safe? If you’re considering buying an inflatable, or you’re going on a boat trip with an inflatable boat, rest assured. As long as the main safety guidelines are followed, inflatable boats are as safe, if not …

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