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If you are new to the awesome world of inflatable boating, you’ll find a lot of useful info and gear on this page to help you get the most out of your boating adventures.

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1. Boat Recommendations

It all starts with getting a boat suitable for your needs, what you want to use it for. No single boat will be good for everything.

Do you want to go fishing on the lake? Kayaking? Go on river trips? Or simply enjoy time with the family? Read this post to find out how to decide on which boat to get, and see my recommendations.

Just FYI, I presently own an Intex Mariner (love it, here is my review of it), a Newport Dana (it’s thrilling), and a Sevylor inflatable kayak.

Best Inflatable Boats.jpg

And here are specific reviews I’ve written of inflatable watercraft I’ve had the pleasure of riding in.

2. Required Gear

Beside the boat, there are a few things you will need to buy before you start boating.

Top life vests for your SIB adventures

3. Motorized Inflatable Boats

Did you know that you can add a motor to a lot of inflatable boats? Getting a motor is usually the first modification people opt for, and it is one of the best.

It adds loads of fun to your boating experience, and is a must if you go fishing.

Here is a post on inflatable boats with motors, and 2 detailed guides on electric trolling motors and gasoline outboard motors. I also wrote a post on 55 lb thrust trolling motors specifically, as these motors are cost-efficient and powerful enough for most activities.

Inflatable Boat Electric Trolling Motors
55 Lb thrust Trolling Motors

If you buy an electric trolling motor, you will also need to get:

  • a battery pack to run it off of
  • a battery charger

You need deep-cycle marine batteries to run a trolling motor, so make sure you don’t use your car battery 🙂

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

4. Inflatable Boat Maintenance

If you take proper care of your inflatable boat, it can last 15-20 years. Here are a few articles you should read:


5. Other great Accessories

You can get even more out of your boating experience by building or purchasing a few useful accessories.

Here are a few interesting posts on this subject.

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