Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak Reviewed (300x vs 380x vs 420x)

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak Review
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Sea Eagle Explorer opinion

Staying true to Sea Eagle standards, the 300x, 380x, and 420x Explorer kayaks a solidly built and well-designed line of kayak 1, 2, or 3 person kayaks. The Explorer line is NMMA certified, rated for Class IV whitewater, and suitable for use in ocean waves as well. Despite the robust build, the hull material is light and lends the kayak the portability that inflatable kayakers seek.

The Sea Eagle Explorer kayak is a versatile and extremely durable inflatable kayak with all-round capabilities.

The 300x is part of Sea Eagle’s famed Explorer line-up and is the most compact in the series. The 380x is for 2 people, and the 420x is for 3 people (but 2 fit better).

My neighbor bought this kayak and I had the chance to play with a 380x in Fl on the Intercoastal and even took it out on the ocean.

Keep reading to learn more about the boat and find out if it’s worth your money and suits your requirements.

Features of the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak

I must say, this is an exceptional kayak. The quality is amazing, it is sturdy, and you’ll be surprised at how stable it is in all water conditions.

Sea Eagle 300x Kayak Features


Very strong and sturdy
Light and easy to transport/store
Drop stitched floor adds firmness
Easy to paddle and maneuver
Full set, includes oars, pump, bag


Not fast in flat water

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The following are the standout features of the Sea Eagle Explorer kayak line.

Safety and durability

The things that usually make or break an inflatable kayak are durability and safety. This kayak scores well on both the fronts.

Thanks to the solid 1100 Denier PVC material and reinforced hull used on the 300x, 380x, and also the 420x, the kayak would come a long way and not break a sweat even under extremely harsh paddling circumstances.

The outer skin, along with the overlapping seams, is so tough that even your dog’s nails will not cause it much harm.

The kayak is tough enough for class IV whitewater. As you can see in the following video, it is virtually indestructible.

When the waters truly become harsh, the kayak’s 16 self-bailing drain regulators could be quickly opened to drain out water. You can open them when needed, and simply close them in flat water-

The triple-chamber hull construction (floor, starboard walls, and port) inflates to a solid 3.2psi. The wide stance offers the Explorer kayak solid stability and enhances paddling confidence.

All the kayaks in the Sea Eagle Explorer series have drop stitched air floors, making them extremely rigid and stable.

The 12 stainless steel D-rings and bungee cord storage spaces offer plenty of room to secure gear.

Maneuverability and stability

The Sea Eagle Explorer kayak feels very stable in all circumstances, thanks to its wider than usual body. Once properly inflated, the compactness of the kayak would satisfy demanding whitewater kayakers and offer enough stability to ensure that even beginners feel in control of things.

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak Skeg

The Sea Eagle 300x, 380x, and 420x all come with a fairly big removable skeg, which has been purpose-designed to assist with trailing across flat water.

When attached, the skeg enhances the kayak’s open-water-tracking and helps mitigate fouling. This means you would no longer be struggling to set the skeg free from the clutches of weeds.

The only thing I noticed was that it seemed a bit slower in flat water than what I am used to from a kayak. This is probably a trade-off for the wider, stabler body.

You can also get a shallow-water skeg for the Explorer, which has a lower profile.

Remove the skeg when you would like to go all out or have some solid fun in the waves. Ocean surfing is a real treat with the 380x.

You have to try it if you get the chance.

Sea Eagle 300x Ocean Surfing


The Sea Eagle Explorer feels at home both on a lake and in whitewater. In fact, it’s class four whitewater-certified. The certification basically means the 300x, 380x, and 420x are capable of navigating constricted passages and withstanding complex turbulent water maneuvering.

Not to mention, this also lends the boat tremendous stability.

The Sea Eagle Explorer 300x, 380x, and 420x are all NMMA certified. This means that they are manufactured to strict quality standards set by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.


The 300x would easily get itself into any vehicle. And since it weighs just 30 pounds (ca. 14 kg), you should not have any trouble or a sore back from loading and unloading the kayak.

The 380x weighs 40 lbs, and the 420x weighs 44 lbs.

How long does it take to set up the Sea Eagle Explorer?

The 3 air chambers of the kayak take about 5-9 minutes to inflate (depending on your model) with the included foot pump. You don’t really need an electric pump for this one. Once inflated, you clip the seat into the side D-rings and you’re ready to go.

On whitewater, you don’t use the skeg. You only need it if you go in open water (lake, ocean). The skeg slides into place and locks in easily when needed.

Breaking down the kayak is just as simple. Dry off the kayak, deflate, roll it up, and put it into the included carry bag.

When deflated, the 300x is extremely easy to pack inside a vehicle. The 380 is a bit bigger, and the 420 is just slightly larger when deflated. If you are storing it in a closet or under a bed, you should be absolutely fine.

The carrying bag, which is part of the product package, can be easily checked as additional baggage or tucked away into your car’s trunk, letting you take the boat anywhere.

Multiple Configurations

The Sea Eagle 300x comes in different configurations. Besides the Deluxe variant, there are four more optional configurations that Sea Eagle offers:

  • Pro Kayak
  • Pro Carbon
  • Fishing Rig (with the swivel seat)
  • QuikRow

You can view what each variant includes here.

Product Accessories

As aforementioned, the Sea Eagle Explorer kayak comes in different packages, which cater to unique kayaking requirements.

Regardless, your 300x, 380x, or 420x product bundle would include:

  • The inflatable kayak seat
  • A 7’10” AB30 paddle
  • An A41 foot pump
  • A repair kit
  • A compact carrying bag
Sea Eagle 300x Kayak Full Set


The Explorer is backed by Sea Eagle’s class-leading 3-year warranty. There is also a risk-free trial for 180 days.

These warranties and risk-free trials truly mean anything only if the company offering it is established and reputable. Sea Eagle has been in the business of making boats since 1968.

Sea Eagle Explorer 300x, 380x, 420x Specifications

The kayaks in Sea Eagles Explorer lineup are very similar. Basically, they only differ by size.

Here are the differences between the Sea Eagle 300x vs 380x vs 420x.

Sea Eagle Explorer 300x Vs 380x Vs 420x
Capacity 1 person2 people3 people
Dimensions300 x 100 cm380 x 100 cm427 x 100 cm
Deflated61 x 41 x 15 cm79 x 51 x 23 cm79 x 53 x 25 cm
Weight14 kg18 kg20 kg
Air chambers333
Vinyl1100 Decitex,
quadruple folded seams
1100 Decitex,
quadruple folded seams
1100 Decitex,
quadruple folded seams

Who is this kayak best for?

If you are a solo kayaker, you would love the Sea Eagle 300x. The small footprint makes the kayak portable and convenient. Regular kayaks may not be able to emulate those attributes.

If you want to kayak in multiples, then you should be looking at something bigger and roomier, such as the 380x Explorer or the 420x. The 300x boasts the latest design features of both the two bigger models. It’s just that it’s smaller in size, and for a reason. To improve maneuverability.

Also, the 300x caters to both amateurs and professional kayakers. Long story short, people who know their exact requirements and what the 300x is capable of would be extremely satisfied with the boat.

What users of the SE Explorer say

People who have used the 300x, 380x, and 420x extensively have praised the kayak for how versatile and practical it is. They have also appreciated the build and durability of the boat.

Because the kayak is meant for solo kayakers, it’s fairly compact. This compactness, however, has posed issues to some fairly tall users. In other words, the leg space was a matter of concern for them. Most of these tall kayakers, however, addressed the issue by moving their seats slightly back.

Here is an insightful video you might want to watch.

The Manufacturer – Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle has been in business since 1968. It is family owned and operated from Long Island, USA.

Sea Eagle Logo

I have only heard good things about the company. People rave about their customer service, and about how helpful they are both via email and on the phone.

This is not a Chinese manufacturer, that’s for sure…

Opinion of the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak

The Sea Eagle 300x, despite its compact size, is surprisingly durable and built to withstand a variety of usage scenarios, from whitewater to lake fishing. The 380x and the 420x are larger variants.

The NMMA certification means it has been duly tested for design and build quality, at different levels of its construction. The materials used are also some of the best quality inflatable kayak fabrics in the business.

As mentioned earlier, versatility is the Explorer’s biggest strength, which is why it holds a prestigious position on my list of the best inflatable kayak. If you are treading a path that’s generously peppered with different types of usage scenarios, you would find the Sea Eagle Explorer kayak right in your alley.

Sea Eagle Explorer 300x Vs 380x Vs 420x

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak

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Premium inflatable kayaks

Good at everything

The Explorer line of kayaks is basically an all-in-one package. If you are looking for a versatile inflatable kayak that can handle recreational paddling, whitewater, or ocean waves, you found it.

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