Sea Eagle 330/370 Inflatable Kayak Real-life Review

Sea Eagle 330/370 Kayak Review
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Sea Eagle 330 and 370 kayak opinion


If you’re considering buying an affordable, yet well-built kayak, the SE370 (or the smaller SE330) might grab your fancy. The kayak is heavy-duty, light-weight, and spacious enough for 2 adults. It is also rated for class III rapids. It is convenient, easy to use and easy to set up.

Recreational kayakers looking to explore the water will be more than pleased with the SE330 or SE370.

The Sea Eagle 370 Pro is a lightweight and portable three-person inflatable kayak. The SE330 and SE370 are part of the series of affordable, lightweight Inflatable Sport Kayaks by Sea Eagle.

This is a very popular line of inflatable kayaks, if not the most popular. You see them everywhere. I rented a SE 370 for a test weekend to find out what the hype is about.

In this Sea Eagle 370 review, I’ll take a detailed look at the different aspects of the kayak.

Features of the Sea Eagle 330 and 370

The SE 330 and its bigger brother, the 370, are Sea Eagle’s most “basic” inflatable sports kayaks. Obviously, the word “basic” is relative, since Sea Eagle’s basic line is better than most other manufacturers’ inflatable kayaks.

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Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of the SE 330 & 370.


Accommodates up to three people
Lightweight at 33 lbs
Class III whitewater rating
3-year warranty


Solo kayaking is hard because the boat is so big
The large body makes it easy to be blown off course by the wind
Small bottom tracking skegs
No D-rings to fasten gear

This kayak is a versatile, roomy, rugged kayak for recreational kayaking.

It has many things going for it, including:

  • Self-bailing drain valve – For whitewater (maximum class III rapids)
  • Saltwater and sun-resistant hull material – Also, the welding work is uniform across the boat. The coming together of two individual pieces is smooth and even, as a result.
  • I-beam construction floor – The I-beam floor design enhances performance since you sit higher while paddling.
  • Inflatable spray skirts – Great for keeping things dry in the front or the back, or for packing on.
  • Five one-way Boston valves – These valves are a significant improvement over standard pipe valves. Unlike traditional valves, they are not difficult to close, don’t crack over time, or lose air easily. The inner diaphragm ensures the pumped-in air doesn’t escape the boat, and the external cap locks air in.
  • 3 bottom skegs – For enhanced tracking and speed, although I found that tracking wasn’t as good as I had hoped. I think it is because the skegs are a bit too small for such a large kayak.

Being an inflatable kayak, you are sitting tall when paddling. The large side walls have a lot of surface area though, which means strong wind might blow you off course.

Sea Eagle 370 Front

Solidly Built

Despite the SE 370 weighing just 32 pounds (ca. 15 kg), the boat is still and relatively stable, albeit not as stable as the wider Sea Eagle Explorer kayak.

The hull is made from K80 PolyKrylar (38 mil PVC). The hull is, therefore, resistant to tears from any direction. Physical contact with sharp, pointed objects should not be a problem. The kayak is class III whitewater certified, so it needs to be tough.

Also, there are special additives used to protect the kayak’s exterior from the UV rays, oil, gasoline, and other chemicals.

The hull inflates as three individual chambers (2 sides and floor), meaning a major rupture will not capsize the kayak. This is an important safety feature of quality inflatable kayaks. After inflating the main hull chambers, you also inflate the 2 spray skirts.

Se 370 Inflation Valves

The recommended air pressure for the SE 330 and 370 is 1.1 PSI.


The kayak is fairly compact and could be up and running from a deflated state in minutes, depending on the pump you use. It takes approximately 8-10 minutes to set up the SE 370 with the included pump. It will be a bit faster with an electric pump if you have one, but if not, I wouldn’t get one just for this kayak.

It is spacious and roomy for 2 adults aboard, making it a great tandem kayak. They would have plenty of legroom. Not to mention, the deluxe’ seats offer solid support.

The SE 370 is rated for 3 people, but it won’t fit 3 adults comfortably.

As mentioned earlier, the Sea Eagle 370 Pro is fairly light at 32 pounds, which makes carrying it around easy.

You can pack it away in its own carry bag. It is small enough to put into your RV or truck, but too big to go hiking with.

Sea Eagle 370 Carry Bag

Certification and Warranty

The kayak is NMMA certified. The certification is basically a stamp approving the excellent build quality of the kayak.

The NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) is a boating industry association that certifies different types of boats and similar goods for their build and strength. Its certification is highly sought after in the industry.

Both the SE 330 and SE370 are backed with a three-year manufacturer warranty. If you had any doubts about the boat’s build, the Sea Eagle warranty should most likely clear them.

Product Accessories and Configurations

The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 product packages comprise the following:

  • Two paddles
  • 2 inflatable seats
  • A repair kit
  • A carry bag
  • A foot pump

I recommend you get the “Pro” variant, not the “Deluxe”.

The difference between the SE 370 Deluxe and Pro is the type of seat you get. The Pro seats are much better and more comfortable. They are movable, have handy stow pouches, and offer improved back support.

If you are a hobby fisherman, you could also opt to get the Sport Fishing variant, which comes with better seats and a multi-purpose storage box & 2x fishing rod holders.

There is another fun version, the QuikSail. This comes with a quick-deploy sail measuring 81″ x 43″ when deployed. It basically converts your kayak to a downwind sailboat. The sail cannot change direction though, so it only works downwind. The sail rolls up like a poster quickly, so you can stow it when going against the wind.

Sea Eagle 330 vs 370 – Specifications compared

The kayaks in Sea Eagle’s basic line of inflatable sports kayaks are very similar. They differ by size, weight, and material thickness.

Sea Eagle 330 Vs 370

Here are the differences between the Sea Eagle 330 vs 370.

Sea Eagle 330SEA EAGLE 370
Capacity2 people3 people (2 comfortably)
Dimensions340 x 86 cm381 x 86 cm
Weight12 kg15 kg
Air chambers33
Vinyl33 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC)
Welded seams
38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC)
Welded seams

If you’re trying to decide between the SE 330 vs 370, it’s not an easy choice. You should know that since the 370 is larger, it folds a bit bigger, but also tracks better.

The material used for the 370 is thicker than the 330, but you can’t really feel the difference to the touch. Nevertheless, it is just a bit more rugged because of this.

I think that if you’re thinking of paddling tandem most of the time, go with the SE 370. The 330 is slightly cramped with 2 adults.

Who is this kayak best for?

The SE 330 and SE 370 are made for recreational kayakers and families. The rugged material is tear and puncture-resistant, so you can even take your dog along for the ride.

Both variants can support 2 people if you want to go tandem kayaking. But 3 would be a crowd.

What SE 330 and 370 users say

Most users have appreciated the design and build quality of the boat, which is typical Sea Eagle. People also found the boat easy to inflate. The majority of users appreciated how lightweight and compact it is.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the SE370 (and 330) Pro is its seats. Much of the user feedback on the seats focus on how comfortable and plushy they are. Some have even dubbed the seats as “couch on water”.

The seating area (not the seats themselves), however, has bothered a few users, particularly when there is gear to be carried along. With equipment on board, the 370 Pro will barely fit in two people.

Some users have found the lack of D rings disappointing.

Also, a few solo kayakers found the seat sliding now and then, but then they managed to address the issue by bracing the spare seat to their seat.

The Manufacturer – Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle has been in business since 1968. It is family-owned and operated from Long Island, USA.

Sea Eagle Logo

I have only heard good things about the company. People rave about their customer service, and about how helpful they are both via email and on the phone.

This is not a Chinese manufacturer, that’s for sure…

Opinion of the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 Kayaks

The Sea Eagle 370 Pro is a solid kayak in all respects. It is lightweight, comfortable, and paddles well. Despite being made for three people, you would not feel like paddling a massive kayak.

Having said that, though the kayak claims to accommodate up to three people, that would not result in the most spacious seating arrangement. If there is gear to carry too, then things could get a bit more limiting. Just be aware of that.

Else, the kayak is good value for of the money. You will be hard-pressed to find such a quality product in this category for a similar price.

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Sports Kayak

Sea Eagle 330 & 370 Sports Kayak

review rating stars

The most popular inflatable kayak

Great value

This light, yet sturdy kayak can be seen on many lakes and rivers. It is quick to inflate, has loads of room, a large capacity, and is priced right. I would highly recommend it to you for recreational kayak fun.

Check today’s prices for both sizes:

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  1. Agreed they are a company based in the united states, but the boats are manufactured in asia lets not kid ourselves here

    1. Tom @

      Yes, their boats are made in Asia. When I referred to “Chinese manufacturers”, I meant Chinese companies that sell knockoff, sub-par quality products. Sea Eagle makes quality products, which is reflected by their 3-year guarantee. The fact that they are based in the US also means that you actually get customer service if something goes wrong. Compare that to an also China-made Intex, which has a 90-day guarantee.

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