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Solstice Voyager 6 Person Inflatable Raft
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Solstice Voyager opinion

The Solstice Voyager is one of the cheapest inflatable rafts on the market. The 6-person version is large enough to sit 3 adults and 3 kids.

The boat has some nice features (swiveling oar locks, 4 air chambers, integrated fishing rod holder), but doesn’t come with a pump or oars. It’s PVC is also not very durable, but you can’t realistically expect more at this price.

The Solstice Voyager comes in 4 versions, based on size. You could buy a 2, 4, 5 and 6 person model, but it seems you can only get the 6 person version (model 30800) nowadays.

I had the chance to use the 6 person Solstice Voyager this summer on a calm lake, so this review will be based around my findings with that particular boat.

Features of the Solstice Voyager

This boat is one of the lowest priced inflatable rafts you can buy in 2024. As such, you can’t really expect much from the boat.

It is made up of a total of 4 air chambers inflated through boston valves, which is nice from a boat of this value. The more chambers the better, since in case the boat is punctured out on the water, you still have 3 air tubes intact keeping you above water.

The material is basic PVC, so be careful where you lay it down. I can imagine it will puncture easily. Don’t drag it in the sand, or anywhere rally.

The larger models can be fitted with a motor mount. You can put an electric trolling motor or a maximum 2 hp gasoline engine onto it. But you probably won’t, and shouldn’t. The rubber material of the boat is very thin, so the end of the boat will buckle when propelled by an engine.

Surprisingly the boat had swiveling oar locks on it, which made paddling easier. Mind you, the 6 person model was a big boat, so it’s nice having something that helps with paddling.

The boat even has a fishing rod holder on it. This is not a fishing boat by far, but if you’re ever out on the water with a child who wants to take a fishing rod, it’s nice to have.

In terms of accessories, the boat comes with inflatable seats. You do not get paddles or an air pump, so you will have to buy those separately.

Here are the electric and manual pumps I recommend.

Can you fit 6 people into the 6-person Solstice Voyager?

The boat is big. You can sit 3 adults plus 3 kids comfortably. The raft is marketed as a 6-person SIB, but it will not fit 6 adults.


Swiveling oar locks
Fishing rod holder


Cheap material
No oars or pump

Solstice Voyager specifications

It is a bit hard to find the exact specifications of this boat, since not even the manufacturer’s website says a lot about it.

Capacity6 people, 600 lbs
Dimensions 142″ x 60″
Weight25 lbs
Air chambers4

What Solstice Voyager users say

Amazon reviewers gave the boat an average score of 3.4 at the time of this writing.

A reviewer called it an awesome pool boat, but his model started getting holes all over the bottom after being dragged on the beach.

Looking at the reviews, it looks like several customers complain about the quality of the material. Punctures are common, as are torn seams.

The manufacturer – Swimline

Swimline was established in 1971 and has been family owned ever since. The company makes loads of PVC products, ranging from pool covers to inflatable floats.

Swimline Logo

They have been acquiring water sports companies and developing their own products as well. Swimline started making inflatable boats, kayaks and SUPs in 2009.

Opinion of the 6-person Solstice Voyager

If you are looking for a large recreational raft that will be used in a pool or in a calm lake, this boat will be fine. I wouldn’t trust it for more than basic activities in good weather.

This is a very inexpensive boat, so you can’t expect to ride raging rapids in it.

Considering that you have to spend extra on oars and a pump (in case you don’t have them yet), I would not buy this boat.

I would get an Intex Excursion or a Seahawk instead. They are a bit smaller, but much better quality and come with more accessories.

Are you new to the world of inflatable boats? Then my Getting Started Guide is for you. You’ll find tips, tricks, and how-to articles to start off right.

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