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Inflatable Boat Reviews

After testing lots of inflatable boats, I decided to write reviews of the ones that were good. You’ll find them here.

Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Inflatable kayaks are in many ways better, then hard shell kayaks. Have a look at the reviews of the best ones.

Motor & Battery Reviews

You can fit an electric trolling motor or even a gasoline outboard on SIBs. These articles will guide you.

Newport Vessels Inflatable Dinghy Review

Newport Vessels inflatable dinghy review

Overall 4.4 Features Durability Stability Speed Newport Vessels inflatable dinghy opinion Newport Vessels makes good quality, rugged inflatable boats that can be used as a tender, for fishing, or just for fun. Getting it on plane with…
Lightweight Trolling Motor Batteries

Lightweight Trolling Motor Batteries

Trolling motor batteries can get heavy. If you want to keep the weight of your gear to a minimum, your battery is a good place to start. Choosing a lightweight trolling motor battery is important for kayakers…
Marine Battery Group Sizes

Marine battery group size guide

If you run a trolling motor on your boat or any other accessories that need to be powered (stereo, fish finder, etc), you will need a marine battery. While searching for batteries, you will come across the…
Trolling Motor And Battery Weight

How much does a trolling motor and battery weigh?

Depending on what kind of boating you plan on doing, the weight of your supplies can really add up. No matter whether you are looking to place a trolling motor on an inflatable boat, a kayak, pontoon…
55 Lb thrust Trolling Motors

Best 55lb thrust electric trolling motors

For most people looking to buy a motor for their inflatable boats, 55lb thrust trolling motors are an ideal pick. Why? Trolling motors thrust weaker than 55lbs will struggle when the weather turns against us or the…
Sevylor Fish Hunter 360 Review

Sevylor Fish Hunter 360 review

Overall 4 Features Durability Stability Speed Sevylor Fish Hunter opinion Sevylor’s Fish Hunter is a capable inflatable boat. It comes in 2 variants: the 360 for 6 people, and the 280 for 4 people. There are a…
Boston Valve Featured

What is a Boston valve? Usage tips and tricks!

If you’re shopping for an inflatable boat, you will have probably come across the term Boston valve. It sounds impressive as it is part of the advertising material, but wait a minute. What on Earth is a…
Airhead Angler Bay Review

Airhead Angler Bay review – Not just for fishing

Overall 3.9 Features Durability Stability Speed Airhead Angler Bay opinion Airhead’s Angler Bay is a lightweight and portable, yet strong inflatable boat. It will inflate or deflate in a matter of minutes. It is great for lakes…
Intex Seahawk Review

Intex Seahawk 4 review – SIB on a budget

Overall 3.4 Features Durability Stability Speed Intex Seahawk 4 opinion The Seahawk 4 is one of Intex’s most affordable inflatable rafts. It is aimed at recreational boaters, mostly families. It is comfortable for 2 adults and 2…
Trolling Motors For Intex Inflatable Boats

Trolling motors for Intex inflatable rafts

If you already have an Intex inflatable boat or are looking to get one soon, getting an electric trolling motor is a great upgrade. An Intex raft paired with a motor opens up a lot of possibilities…
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