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Learn about every facet of using inflatable watercraft, so you, your family, and friends can get the most out of this great hobby. From basics to advanced topics, no inflatable boat question goes unanswered on

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Inflatable Boat Reviews

Boat Reviews

After testing lots of inflatable boats, I decided to write reviews of the ones that were good. You’ll find them here.

Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Kayak Reviews

Inflatable kayaks are in many ways better than hard-shell kayaks. Have a look at the reviews of the best ones.

Inflatable Boat Motor Battery Reviews

Motor Reviews

You can fit an electric trolling motor or even a gasoline outboard on SIBs and kayaks. These articles will guide you.

Inflatable Boat How To


Learn everything you need to be efficient, safe, and still have fun out on the water.

Newest Articles

Read about the newest inflatable boats & kayaks, and learn the best tips and tricks of boating.

How To Inflate Paddle Board

How to Inflate a SUP – My 5 Step Method

Inflating a stand-up paddle board is not hard, and all you need is a pump and some elbow grease. Or you can make it even easier and use an electric SUP pump. Here are the steps to inflating …
Best Pumps For Inflatable Paddleboards

2022‘s TOP 5 Electric Pumps for iSUPs

If you own an iSUP, you know that inflating it can be a struggle. It’s hard work, and having a bad pump makes it even harder. There are some pumps that just won’t get the air into your …
Beach Tent Cabana Canopy Guide Review

Best Beach Cabanas & Tents in 2022

Shady spots are often in short supply on the beach. They are the first areas to be occupied, especially during the summer vacation period. You still have to protect yourself and your family from the sun, so getting …
Which Muscles Does Kayaking Work

What Muscles Does Kayaking Work?

Most people know that kayaking helps burn calories, leading to losing a few pounds, but only a few know it can also be an excellent muscle-building activity. Kayaking involves a combination of repetitive movements, and that makes it …
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