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Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit SUP opinion

The Ocean Spirit is part of the Chasing Blue line of SUPs. It is a low-priced, all-purpose board suited for recreational paddling.

Despite the price, the SUP comes with lots of extra features you would normally find on higher-tier boards, and the package comes with many accessories as well.

I can honestly recommend the Ocean Spirit SUP to families and recreations paddlers.

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Chasing Blue is a new iSUP brand created in 2021. One of the brand’s most interesting models is the Ocean Spirit, which is a budget-friendly all-purpose inflatable SUP.

My family has been using the board for a few weeks now, so I think we’ve used it enough to write a detailed review of our experience with it.

In this Chasing Blue SUP review, I’ll go into detail on every aspect of the board, the accessories it comes with, how it performs, and more.

Features of the Ocean Spirit iSUP

You generally don’t expect a budget SUP to have many features, after all, the manufacturer has to save money somewhere to offer the product at a low price.

This is not the case with the Ocean Spirit though, it is packed with extras that you would only see on higher category boards.

You get 18 D-rings, 3 carry handles, 2 sets of bungee straps, and a thin 4.7″ board that is super rare in this segment.

If you don’t feel like reading right now, you can watch my video review of the Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit iSUP below.

The video says it all I think.

Board design

The Ocean Spirit iSUP is an all-around board. The shape and size of the board tell the story: 10’6″ x 32″ x 4.7″. This is the perfect size for recreational paddling. Being any narrower would make it faster, but less stable. Being wider would make it slower.

One thing that deserves special attention is the 4.7″ thickness of the board. Most budget, and even higher category boards are 6″ thick, simply because they are easier to make. Granted, iSUPs started with a 6″ thickness back in the day, but the 4.7″ is much better for people under 100 kg (220 lbs), since:

  • They are more stable since they sit lower in the water.
  • The lower walls are less prone be affected by waves and wind.

The bottom incorporates a 3 fin design. When I was in the water next to the board, I actually had difficulty turning the board pushing at the rear, the 3 fins felt like an anchor was holding the rear. This is a very good setup.

  • 1 x 9″ removable fin
  • 2 smaller glued on fins
Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit Sup Tri Fin

The air valve is Halkey-Roberts, which is the norm on inflatable SUPs. The working pressure of this board is 12 PSI, and the valve automatically releases above 15 PSI to avoid overinflation.

This would be useful when it’s hot and sunny, as the pressure of the expanding air inside the SUP could increase. But truth be told, I’ve never heard of a SUP suffering catastrophic damage from over or underinflation.

Stability and tracking

The 4.7″ thickness makes the board as stable as possible, and the 3 fin setup really helps in keeping the board going straight while paddling. You need to learn the correct paddling technique as shown in this video.

Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit Sup Paddling

My 8-year-old son was able to balance and paddle straight with this iSUP, which was an awesome feeling for him, and me as well.

Stability on a SUP also depends on the padding of the top, and what kind of material is used. This Chasing Blue SUP uses EVA padding of general thickness. It could be a little thicker for my comfort, but the others in my group didn’t complain.

The grooves on the pad are deep and effective, you will not slip on them.

Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit Sup Pad


You get a lot of accessories with the Ocean Blue iSUP package. Seriously, a lot:

  • Carbon-shaft paddle
  • Dual-action hand pump
  • Big carry bag
  • Repair kit with glue, extra material, and valve tool
  • Waterproof phone case
  • 6 action mounts for mounting GoPros or other popular mounting systems
  • 9″ removable fin
  • Sup leash
  • Paddle leash

There are a few items on the list that deserve extra praise.

Carbon-shaft paddle

The paddle that comes with the SUP is surprisingly good! Again, you don’t expect these things from a SUP package at this price.

Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit Sup Paddle

  • It is a 3-piece, height adjustable paddle that weighs just 28 oz, so it is light enough for use by children.
  • The paddle’s shaft is made out of carbon, which is light and strong.
  • It floats on water, but you’ll still want to attach your paddle leash (which is also part of the package) if you are going out on a longer trip.
  • The paddle blade is firm, so you can get plenty of power from each stroke.

A similar paddle would cost upwards of $80 if you were to buy it separately. Just saying.

Dual action hand pump

The hand pump that comes supplies with the SUP is a general SUP pump that I’ve seen packed with other SUPs as well.

Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit Sup Pump

It is dependable and works as it should:

  • It is a dual-action pump, meaning it inflates on both the up and down pumps initially.
  • Once pumping gets harder and you need to increase the presure in the SUP, you remove a cap, after which it’ll pump only on the down pumps.
  • There is a built-in pressure gauge to show how much pressure is in the inflatable.
  • The pump can also deflate if you are in a hurry.

It takes 7-8 minutes of pumping to inflate the SUP with this hand pump. It is tiring by the end, so if you’re not up for the workout or have more than 1 SUP to inflate, you might consider getting an electric SUP pump like the OutdoorMaster Whale, which I think is the best electric SUP pump of 2024:

Outdoormaster Whale Pump

OutdoorMaster Whale

review rating stars

Get out of the parking lot!


If you are looking for a portable electric pump that you can take anywhere, you need the Whale. Its 6000 mAh battery is powerful enough to pump 3 SUPs to 12 PSI right on the beach.

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Chasing Blue’s backpack is made of water-proof and heat-insulated materials to confront all weather conditions you may encounter.

Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit Sup Bag

The ultra-large capacity bag offers ample room for your entire setup and more. Simply stuff in your iSUP, accessories, water, food, camera, etc, and start your day on the water.

With the rolling wheels, carrying and transporting the iSUP and gear is so much easier, it is designed for effortless transportation. You can hop out of your car and straight into the water since this bag rolls up small and is easy to wheel on the pavement.

Who is the Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit SUP for?

The Ocean Spirit is an entry-level, all-around board. It is best for recreational paddling on calm water and having fun with your family.

Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit specifications

CategoryBeginner, all-around
Size10’6″ x 32″ x 4.7″
Weight20 lbs
Capacity280 lbs
Working pressure12 PSI (max 15 PSI)
Warranty2 years
PricePrice check >>

Setting up and deflating

The setup of inflatable stand-up paddleboards is straightforward. Simply lay it out flat, and pump away.

As I mentioned above, it takes about 7-8 minutes to inflate this board.

Gif Chasing Blue Ocean Spirit Sup Pumping

Once you are finished, remember to turn it around and attach the big fin, which helps with tracking as you paddle.

The Manufacturer – Chasing Blue & OutdoorMaster

Chasing Blue is an inflatable SUP brand created by OutdoorMaster in 2021. The company was launched in 2015 by a group of friends who were frustrated that quality and affordable outdoor gear was non-existent.

Outdoormaster Logo

They created OutdoorMaster to provide high-quality, yet affordable gear to the masses.

The company sells its products at very competitive prices because it uses the direct-to-consumer sales model. There is no 50-100% markup by retail stores, since OutdoorMaster products are sold online directly to the consumers.

Opinion of the Ocean Spirit iSUP

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and features of the SUP, being a new brand and all.

The SUP performed just fine, and it was a lot of fun to use with the kids.

The SUP I received came with an air leak around the valve, which I didn’t even notice. My son brought it to my attention, as it was bubbling a bit when there was water over the valve. The fix was easy enough, just had to tighten it with the valve tool. It happens.

All in all, I can definitely recommend this iSUP to anyone looking for an affordable all-around board. Make sure you use the discount code below to save some money.


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