Nixy Ventus Electric Pump review & test – Can It Pump 10 iSUPs?

Nixy Ventus Pump Review
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Nixy Ventus Pump Opinion

The Nixy Ventus is a versatile electric pump that can inflate not just your iSUP, but any other inflatable as well. It comes with a barrage of nozzles to meet any challenge, and will never overheat. Small touches like the cord wrap on the bottom and the carry bag make this a great pump. As you would expect, high quality comes with a higher price tag.

The Nixy Ventus electric pump (released in 2021) has an active cooling system that promises to inflate ten iSUPs in sequence.

All inflatable paddleboard owners should be excited to hear this since we all know inflating our SUPs is a real workout. Especially if you have to pump up several of them in a row.

My family has 3 iSUPs (wife, son, myself), but we hardly used them because I was exhausted by the time I finished inflating the third one.

The solution?

Nixy Ventus Box

To get an electric pump, right?!

Not so fast.

Most electric pumps heat up quickly and struggle to inflate 2 iSUPs in succession. They overheat and shut off.

In this Nixy Ventus electric pump review, I’ll show you how I put the pump to the test to determine if it holds up to its promises and whether it makes it to my list of the best electric SUP pumps of 2024.

Nixy Ventus pump video review

Here is a video I made while testing the Nixy Ventus, in case you prefer to watch the review over reading the rest of this page.

In the video, I’ll put the pump to the test and answer the following questions, among others:

  • What accessories come with the pump.
  • How to inflate and deflate with the Nixy Ventus.
  • How long it takes to inflate a SUP with the Ventus pump.
  • How loud the pump is.

Unboxing the Nixy Ventus electric pump

The pump arrives in a branded box, inside of which you’ll find the carry-bag.

It’s fantastic to get a carry bag, because you get a place to put all of the accessories that come with the pump.

Nixy Ventus Accessories

These are:

  • the pump
  • 10′ (3 m) 12V DC connector (cigarette lighter plug-in)
  • 12V battery cable extension
  • 4′ (1.2 m) flexible non-kinking air hose
  • 7 nozzles that can fit 99.9% of inflatables
  • Extra gaskets in case they wear out

Most other electric pumps do not have a carry bag, so you ended up losing the nozzles, extra rings, etc.

Features of the Nixy pump

The pump looks nice. Simple and elegant.

It is made out of thicker plastic, so it feels like a quality product, not a flimsy plastic pump. The soft rubber carrying handle is remarkably comfortable to hold.

The main features of the pump are:

Nixy Ventus specifications
Max pressure20 PSI
DeflationYes, it makes deflating an inflatable so convenient
iSUP capacity10 SUPs in succession
Pumping speed350 ltr/min at stage 1, 70 ltr/min at stage 2
Size10” (25.4cm) x 8” (20.32cm) x 5” (12.7cm)
Weight4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Cord length10 foot (3 m) long 12V DC connector (cigarette lighter), plus a 12V battery clamp extension
Extra featuresActive cooling
LCD that lets you know what is going on
Auto shot-off at whatever PSI or bar pressure you set
7 valve connectors (nozzles)
An optional battery pack that has enough power for 3 sups

Its worth noting that there are 3 ways to power this pump:

  1. The 10′ cord plugs into a car 12V DC connector
  2. The pump includes a 12V battery clamp addon, so you can use your car’s battery to power the pump
  3. Using this rechargeable battery pack that is sold separately, you can inflate 3 SUPs away from the car as well
Nixy Ventus Electric Pump review & test - Can It Pump 10 iSUPs? 1
The rechargeable battery also integrates 2 USB outputs and a flashlight.

This pump has more features and accessories than any other electric pump on the market in 2024.

How to use the Nixy Ventus pump

Using an electric pump should be easy. And it is.

  1. Unfold and lay your iSUP flat on the ground.
  2. Unwind the chord from the bottom of the pump and plug it into your car’s 12V DC socket (cigarette lighter socket). Alternatively, you can use the clamp extension to connect it straight to a 12V car battery, or the optional battery pack.
  3. Connect the hose to the pump and the iSUP. I like placing the pump on the iSUP for the entire inflation process, so it doesn’t take in any dust/sand from the ground.
  4. Set the target pressure to whatever your watercraft needs (usually 15 PSI for iSUPs).
  5. Press the GO button.

Nixy Ventus Lcd

Inflation starts instantly with the stage I compressor, which pumps 350 L/min.

At around 1.3 PSI, the pump fires up the stage II compressor, which pumps 70 L/min.

The auto-shutoff feature turns the pump off automatically when it reaches the set pressure. 

The active cooling system does not turn off right away. It stays on to cool the compressor, so you will still hear a gentle humming noise from the pump.

How fast does the Nixy Ventus pump inflate a SUP?

The Nixy Ventus will inflate a SUP to 15 PSI in 8-10 minutes, depending on the size of the board. Its performance does not degrade if you want to pump up more SUPs.

Nixy Ventus Sup Pump

How quickly does the Nixy Ventus inflate an inflatable boat or kayak?

The Ventus pumps out a lot of air until it gets to 1.3 PSI. 350 liters per minute, to be exact. If your inflatable boat’s or kayak’s air chambers only require this much pressure, it would take 1-2 minutes per chamber.

High-end boats and kayaks need around 3 PSI pressure, which means the stage II compressor would kick in, pumping 70 liters per minute. Such air chambers would take about 2-3 minutes per chamber.

Does the Nixy Ventus pump deflate?

Yes, the Ventus pump can deflate your inflatables as well. All you need to do is screw the hose into the deflation valve, and pres the power button. It will suck every bit of air out.

The deflation feature makes packing away so much easier! You don’t have to burden yourself with squeezing all of the air out of your inflatable boat or SUP, the pump does the work for you. You can use the time to pack other things away, so pumps with a deflation feature are real time savers.

Nixy Ventus Deflation

How many iSUPs can the Nixy Ventus inflate?

The marketing material of the pump states that the Nixy Ventus can inflate 10 SUPs in succession.

This would be a first-ever for such a small electric pump, so I decided to put it to the test.

Nixy Ventus Multi-board Inflation Testing conditions

  • SUPs – 5 boards, one of them double-chambered, meaning I had 6 chambers to inflate
  • Target pressure – 15 PSI in each chamber
  • Date: June 8, 2021, 11 am
  • Location: 47°45’05.9″N 19°05’04.2″E (Danube river)
  • Temperature: 81°F (27°C), with the pump in partial shade

Important note: I did not let the pump rest for any longer than it took to get the next SUP, so that it would not cool down naturally.

The result of this ultra-scientific test was clear:

  • The Nixy Ventus had absolutely no problems inflating 5 boards (6 air chambers to be precise) to 15 PSI in quick succession.
  • The pump did not get warm at all.
  • The pump’s performance remained the same, meaning it did not push out less air as time passed.
Nixy Ventus Pump Test

Based on this, I can easily imagine that the pump can, indeed, inflate 10 SUPs in a row.

To make this review of the Nixy Ventus pump complete, I recorded a video of the entire test. 

Who is the Nixy Ventus pump for?

The Nixy Ventus is a universal electric pump that can inflate any inflatable watercraft, including inflatable boats, kayaks, and SUPs.

I would recommend it to:

  • People who are just tired of pumping their boats/boards
  • People (families) who have to pump 2 or more SUPs in a row
  • SUP outfitters and rental shops

About the company

Nixy Sports was established in 2013 by Ale and Nicolas Szczedrin, a family that loved the outdoors (camping, hiking, kayaking) and fell in love with paddleboarding.

They realized that they could design iSUPs that were durable, high quality, and had extra features that paddlers need. Thus, Nixy Sports was born out of their personal passion.

Nixy Logo

The company is based in Southern California, and sells high-quality inflatable paddleboards and related gear.

Warranty and returns

Nixy provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on the Ventus pump in case you don’t like it.

The company has a 1-year warranty on the Nixy Ventus pump.

Nixy Ventus vs. Outdoormaster Shark pump comparison

The only alternative to the Nixy Ventus I can think of is the Outdoormaster Shark pump.

Here is a comparison of the 2 pumps:

Nixy Ventus electric pump

Nixy Ventus Electric Pump
Max 20 PSI with auto shutoff
Price a bit higher
Inflates 10 SUPs in a row
Includes carry bag, 7 nozzles, 12V battery clamps

Outdoormaster The Shark II pump

Outdoormaster High Pressure Air Pump The Shark
Max 20 PSI with auto shutoff
Better price after 15% coupon
Inflates 2-3 SUPs in a row
No carry bag, 4 nozzles, no 12V battery clamps

Practically speaking, I found that the Nixy Ventus is more convenient to use due to the following:

  • It has more pump nozzles (adapters), and they are attached to a ring at the end of the hose, so they don’t get lost.
  • It has a carry bag to keep the pump and its accessories together. We all have loads of gear, so it’s nice to be able to get organized.
  • The cord bunches up into the bottom of the pump, so it is tidier.
  • The 12V battery clamps are very useful if you have an inflatable boat with a trolling motor. Unlike SUPs, inflatable boats are typically inflated by the water, not next to the car. With the battery clamps, I could use the pump to inflate my boat by the water, hooking it onto my deep cycle trolling motor battery. Very convenient.
  • In my test, it was on for over an hour and pumped 6 SUP chambers. Not many people would need to pump this many SUPs, but it’s a factor, nevertheless.

The Shark pump is less expensive though with this exclusive coupon code.

For an average family, the Shark pump is OK. But if you have 4+ SUPs, get the Nixy.

Opinion of the Nixy Ventus

This pump is one of a kind in 2024. If you are looking for an electric pump to inflate 4, 5, or even 10 SUPs, you found it.

I’ll be using this pump often with my inflatables and will update this article if anything goes wrong.

Nixy Ventus Electric Pump

Nixy Ventus Electric Pump

review rating stars

Inflates 10 iSUPs in a row!

Great choice

The Nixy Ventus is a high-quality universal pump that comes with various nozzles, so you can inflate boats, kayaks, SUPs, pool toys, etc. It uses active cooling technology to inflate 10 (or even more) SUPs in succession. No other pump can do that.

Check today’s price on:

Are you new to the world of inflatable boats? Then my Getting Started Guide is for you. You’ll find tips, tricks, and how-to articles to start off right.

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