Winter Kayaking Guide

Winter Kayaking Ultimate Guide

Cold weather does not have to end your kayaking season. With the right gear and clothing, you too can experience the mesmerizing world of winter kayaking.

There are a lot of specific things you need to be mindful of though if you want to go paddling in cold weather. On this page, you will learn all about them.

How cold is too cold for kayaking?

With the right clothing and safety gear, you can theoretically kayak until the water completely freezes, but most people choose to stop kayaking below 35-40°F.


Drysuits and proper layering of clothes will keep you warm, so that’s not a problem.

The thing is that below the freezing temperature of water (32° Fahrenheit = 0° Celsius), spray from your paddle and waves starts to freeze on your kayak. Having to break the ice off your boat, gear, and clothes can make the experience more troublesome than fun.

Here are some useful articles if you are thinging about kayaking during winter.

Best Winter Kayaking Destinations Locations

10 Breathtaking Winter Kayaking Locations for Your Bucket List

Kayaking is a great sport, which not only brings you close to the nature, but also helps you keep fit and healthy. Although most people enjoy this water sport during summer, winter kayaking is emerging as a new favorite among those looking for additional adventure. After looking at these beautiful winter kayaking locations, you won’t want to put your kayak into storage this coming winter. Arctics Paddling next to icebergs can be an everyday activity in The Arctics. Here are…

Winter Kayaking Safety Rules

17 Winter Kayaking Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Less daylight and colder temperatures shouldn’t keep you from getting out on the water with your kayak, but after the warm season ends, you need to be prepared for maximum safety. People die every year from capsizing in cold water. Even the best paddlers can fall victim to the dangers of cold-water immersion if they don’t follow basic winter kayaking safety precautions. You might be asking, “Is it safe to kayak in the winter?” It is only safe to kayak…

Best Kayaking Drysuits

5 Best Kayaking Drysuits That Actually Keep You Dry!

Kayak drysuits open up new horizons, as they allow for year-round paddling and fishing even during the cold months of winter. Being able to go out in freezing weather conditions is a true game-changer for passionate kayakers and fishermen. I started winter kayaking several years ago, it is an awesome hobby that is hard to stop once you start. Having tried many dry suits during the years (rentals and own), I will give my opinion on the best drysuit for…

Winter Kayaking Shoes Booties

7 Best Kayaking Shoes for Winter [To Stay Warm & Dry]

Kayaking shoes/booties are different from ordinary footwear. They need to be light, flexible, provide good traction, and hard enough for launching and walking on sharp rocks and gravel. And of course, shoes made for winter kayaking also help keep your feet dry and warm in the cold. In this article, I will help you find the perfect kayaking shoes for paddling in cold weather. First I’ll list the best ones, then I’ll teach you how to choose a pair that…

Winter Kayaking Gloves

Best Types of Winter Kayaking Gloves in 2024 – Don’t Let Your Hand Freeze!

Winter kayaking is great fun, but it requires special equipment. Gloves help protect your hands from the cold water and wind, making winter paddling safer and more comfortable.  Many types of winter kayaking gloves are available, but not all of them will work well under all conditions. In this article, I’ll go over the top three types of winter kayak hand-wear and tell you when and why each kind works best. Gloves vs. Mitts vs. Pogies? Which is better in…

Inflatable Kayaks For Winter Kayaking Guide

Guide to Inflatable Kayaks for Winter Kayaking

More and more paddlers are choosing not to put their kayaks into winter storage, rather experience the stunning scenery and tranquility winter has to offer from the water. Before you head out, run through our guide to inflatable kayaks for winter kayaking to make sure you use a safe and suitable kayak. Can you use an inflatable kayak for winter kayaking? Yes you can, keeping in mind that inflatable kayaks are somewhat different from hardshell kayaks. People even use inflatable…

Winter Kayaking Clothes

Winter Kayaking Clothes [Prevent Frostbite & Hypothermia]

Did you know that your body heat decreases 4x faster in cold water than in cold air at equal temperatures? Getting drenched without being prepared will lead to rapid heat loss, which can result in a cold shock, hypothermia, or even worse… But if you choose your winter kayaking clothing and gear properly (as you are about to learn), paddling in cold weather is a blast. This article will teach you how to dress for kayaking during winter. Fundamentals of…

When most people think about all of the things they could do during the winter, kayaking would not be high on their list.

But for the more adventurous kayakers among us, winter kayaking in 60° F, 50° F or even 40° F is definitely a thing. A brand new winter wonderland awaits to be explored on icy waters, but you need to be prepared.

After reading the articles above, you know pretty much everything you need to kayak in cold weather.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

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