Inflatable Boat Trailers

Inflatable boat trailers – Complete guide

What is the easiest way to haul your inflatable boat? Put the whole thing on a trailer, of course. If you have the space to store it and the time to drive a bit slower (due to towing), inflatable boat trailers are great. In this detailed guide, you will learn all about how to choose a trailer, what modifications you may need, and how to tow it as well. Let’s get started! How to choose a trailer for an inflatable boat There are several things you need to pay attention to when buying a trailer for your SIB (but not …

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how to transport inflatable boats

5 ways to transport an inflatable boat

After buying an inflatable boat, you need to get it to the water of course. How you will transport your inflatable will depend mainly on the type and size of your boat, and your car. How hard is it to transport your inflatable boat to the water? People with traditional boats have it tough. They either need to rent a dock, or have a trailer and winch ready to put the boat onto water. Inflatable boats are much simpler to transport than bulky traditional boats. If you have a car, boating with an inflatable is literally just a drive away. …

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