how to transport inflatable boats

5 ways to transport an inflatable boat

After buying an inflatable boat, you need to get it to the water of course. How you will transport your inflatable will depend mainly on the type and size of your boat, and your car. How hard is it to transport your inflatable boat to the water? People with traditional boats have it tough. They either need to rent a dock, or have a trailer and winch ready to put the boat onto water. Inflatable boats are much simpler to transport than bulky traditional boats. If you have a car, boating with an inflatable is literally just a drive away. …

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Why you need launch wheels for your inflatable dinghy

Most boat owners would agree that launching boats into the water down the beach or down the boat ramp is not an easy task. Just imagine how grueling it is to haul the entire boat along with your extra gear (motor, cooler batteries, etc.) on your own. There is a great solution though: installing launch wheels on your SIB! Transom mounted launch wheels can make everything simpler and much easier. They are basically a must for 1 man boat launching.

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