How To Mount Accessories Onto Inflatable Boats Kayaks Sups

How to Mount Attachments Onto Inflatable Boats & Kayaks

We all love inflatable watercraft for their versatility and ease of transport, but attaching accessory holders is definitely easier on traditional fiberglass boats. Or at least that’s what you would think! Let me show you how simple it is to mount attachments to your inflatable boat, kayak, or even SUP. You can then use them to mount cup holders, bimini tops, fishing rod holders, fishfinder mounts, wrap-around rope holders, etc.

15 Inflatable Boat Myths: Debunked 1

15 Inflatable Boat Myths: Debunked

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding inflatable boats. Unfortunately, this causes most consumers to doubt the capability of all inflatable watercraft. That’s why, I thought it’s high time that we bust some of these myths to prove how sustainable and durable inflatable boats really are. Here is a list of the top inflatable boat myths – BUSTED.

Can Dogs Go In Inflatable Kayak Boat

Can dogs go in an inflatable boat or kayak?

If you love kayaking and you have a dog that you cannot simply leave behind during your kayaking trips, you have no option but to carry your dog along. But is that a safe thing to do or are kayaks built to carry non-humans too. Let’s find out. Can you take a dog inflatable kayaking/boating? Yes, you can take your dog with you on an inflatable boat or kayak. Unlike early-gen inflatable kayaks, modern inflatables are made from much sturdier materials. In fact, most of these modern inflatable boats and kayaks are capable of withstanding contact with sharp rocks. Letting …

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