Inflatable boat safety guide

Boating is a great water sport, but staying safe while having fun is imperative. Many people have asked me the question: Are inflatable boats safe? If you’re considering buying an inflatable, or you’re going on a boat trip with an inflatable boat, rest assured. As long as the main safety guidelines are followed, inflatable boats are as safe, if not safer than hard boats.

how-to-inflate an-inflatable-boat

The only correct (and safe) way to inflate an inflatable boat

Learning how to inflate your inflatable boat may seem evident at first. Just pump away, right? There’s a bit more to it than that. It’s not rocket science of course, but through my years boating with all types of inflatables, I’ve learned a lot about how to assemble them correctly. And how NOT to. In a worst-case scenario, not inflating the boat correctly can actually become a safety risk out on the water, as I’ve experienced on an island camping trip. But more on that later.

Sea Eagle Se9 Review

Sea Eagle SE9 Review – Good or Not?

Are you looking for a versatile, high-quality inflatable raft? If yes, you need to check out Sea Eagle SE9. I used to think that Sea Eagle boats were just overpriced SIBs, but boy has my opinion has changed after trying the SE9 for a day. You really get what you pay for here. In my Sea Eagle SE9 review, I will highlight the things that make this a one-of-a-kind raft, so that you can decide whether it meets your needs. Features of the Sea Eagle SE9 This new version of the SE9 is very sturdy. It has a reinforced, nylon …

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Kayak Weight Limit

Kayak Weight Limit – When Will You Sink?

One of the factors to consider when buying a kayak is its weight limit. Every kayak has a maximum weight capacity, which varies by type of kayak and manufacturer. Making sure your kayak can support your weight and payload will make your time paddling easier, more fun, and safer. Here is everything you need to know about the weight limit of a kayak.

Advanced Elements Expedition Elite Review Ae 1009xe

Advanced Elements Expedition Elite Review (AE1009-XE) – Is It Fit to Explore?

Are you searching for a reliable kayak? How about an inflatable one? The Advanced Elements Expedition AE1009-XE, which I am going to highlight now in this review, is one of the best kayaks money can buy, inflatable or hard shell. I will go into the features below and also what others have to say about it. Features of the AE1009-XE I have to admit, the Advanced Elements Expedition Elite is one of a kind. There are so many things that Advanced Elements got right with this kayak, that you have to look very close and be super strict to find …

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Inflatable Kayaks For Ocean Sea Use

3 Best Inflatable Kayaks for Ocean & Sea Use (Safe & Stable)

Most inflatable kayaks are made for river or lake use. Do you want to ride your kayak in ocean waves or explore the coastline and outlying islands? Then you need an inflatable ocean kayak. Venturing out onto the ocean (or the sea) means your kayak has to be able to handle the larger waves and changing sea conditions you may encounter. Let’s have a look at what this means specifically, after which I’ll give you my recommendations on inflatable kayaks for ocean use. Features of ocean-ready inflatable kayaks If you’re heading out onto the ocean, you should make sure your …

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15 Inflatable Boat Myths: Debunked 1

15 Inflatable Boat Myths: Debunked

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding inflatable boats. Unfortunately, this causes most consumers to doubt the capability of all inflatable watercraft. That’s why, I thought it’s high time that we bust some of these myths to prove how sustainable and durable inflatable boats really are. Here is a list of the top inflatable boat myths – BUSTED.

Inflatable Kayaks For Winter Kayaking Guide

Guide to Inflatable Kayaks for Winter Kayaking

More and more paddlers are choosing not to put their kayaks into winter storage, rather experience the stunning scenery and tranquility winter has to offer from the water. Before you head out, run through our guide to inflatable kayaks for winter kayaking to make sure you use a safe and suitable kayak. Can you use an inflatable kayak for winter kayaking? Yes you can, keeping in mind that inflatable kayaks are somewhat different from hardshell kayaks. People even use inflatable kayaks for extended self-support kayaking trips in Alaska, as you can see in this Men’s Journal article. Here is a …

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Best Winter Kayaking Destinations Locations

10 Breathtaking Winter Kayaking Locations for Your Bucket List

Kayaking is a great sport, which not only brings you close to the nature, but also helps you keep fit and healthy. Although most people enjoy this water sport during summer, winter kayaking is emerging as a new favorite among those looking for additional adventure. After looking at these beautiful winter kayaking locations, you won’t want to put your kayak into storage this coming winter.

Winter Kayaking Safety Rules

17 Winter Kayaking Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Less daylight and colder temperatures shouldn’t keep you from getting out on the water with your kayak, but after the warm seasons ends, you need to be prepared for maximum safety. People die every year from capsizing into the cold water. Even the best paddlers can fall victim to the dangers of cold-water immersion if they don’t follow basic winter kayaking safety precautions. You might be asking, “Is it safe to kayak in the winter?” It is only safe to kayak during winter, if you are fully prepared for the extremities of submerging in freezing-cold water. The primary hazard is …

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