5 step DIY floor for inflatable boats

If you’ve got the skills and a few tools, you can convert your inexpensive inflatable raft to a full-fledged hard floored inflatable by building a hard floor. This popular mod requires some handy-man skills, but it is definitely worthwhile if you are looking for more stability on your raft. But why would you want to DIY a hard floor? It’s much cheaper than buying a hard floor dinghy. It adds stability. You’ll be able to use your raft in new ways, like fishing, long river boat trips, or just to have a cooler in your boat while you’re out on …

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how-to-inflate an-inflatable-boat

The only correct (and safe) way to inflate an inflatable boat

Learning how to inflate your inflatable boat may seem evident at first. Just pump away, right? There’s a bit more to it than that. It’s not rocket science of course, but through my years boating with all types of inflatables, I’ve learned a lot about how to assemble them correctly. And how NOT to. In a worst-case scenario, not inflating the boat correctly can actually become a safety risk out on the water, as I’ve experienced on an island camping trip. But more on that later.

Winter Kayaking Clothes

Winter Kayaking Clothes [Prevent Frostbite & Hypothermia]

Did you know that your body heat decreases 4x faster in cold water than in cold air at equal temperatures? Getting drenched without being prepared will lead to rapid heat loss, which can result in a cold shock, hypothermia, or even worse… But if you choose your winter kayaking clothing and gear properly (as you are about to learn), paddling in cold weather is a blast. This article will teach you how to dress for kayaking during winter.

How To Inflate Kayak

The Only Safe Way to Inflate a Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are becoming more and more popular because they are fun and easy to transport thanks to their small size. Today, we are going to discuss how to inflate a kayak safely. I already wrote an article on inflating dinghies, but that process is a bit different. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at how to pump up your inflatable kayak properly.

Remove Barnacles From Inflatable Boats

Completely remove barnacles from inflatable boats (PVC and Hypalon)

Do you leave your SIB in the water over an extended period? Say, for the entire season? It’s more convenient than having to constantly assemble and disassemble your boat, that’s for sure. But there is a problem. Leaving your boat in the water for extended periods will result in biofouling. Nature is incredible. A marine ecosystem will start developing on a submerged object within 24 hours, starting with bacterial adhesion. In a week, microalgae forms. In 2-3 weeks, macrofoulizers attach. This process is what leads to the formation of marine growth and barnacles.

What to do if your inflatable boat gets punctured while out on the water 1

What to do if your inflatable boat gets punctured while out on the water

Before going on the water, it is important to check and inspect your inflatable boat to guarantee that there are no leakages, punctures, or damage that may result in mishaps during your boating trip. However, accidents do happen: You drop your utility knife while fishing. Your dog’s claws puncture the boat. A shark takes a bit out of your boat. Anything is possible. Except for the last one 🙂 Punctures and leaks can be very alarming away from shore, but thankfully they rarely happen. Nevertheless, it’s good to have a little knowledge about how to keep the inflatable boat afloat whilst …

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How to properly tow an inflatable boat

How to properly tow an inflatable boat

A lot of people buy an inflatable boat as their main boat, but there are instances where you might want to tow your inflatable boat using your mother boat. Whether you’re using your dinghy as a tender for your main boat, because of a mechanical failure or inability to stow your boat aboard the larger vessel, it’s a good idea to know how to properly tow a dinghy. Towing might seem relatively simple and easy, looking at it from afar. Just tie a knot and tow. However, it does take careful preparation to ensure the success of the entire operation, otherwise, …

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Bimini Tops Inflatable Boats

How to install an inflatable boat bimini top/canopy [3 methods]

Whether you want to create shade when boating on a hot summer day or you just want to make sure your boat is well protected from the blazing heat of the sun, a bimini top (aka canopy) works wonders. With all the comfort and convenience it offers, a bimini can, without a doubt, give you a better boating experience. In this guide to inflatable boat biminis, you’ll learn everything you need to be able to choose, install, and use a bimini on your SIB. What is a Bimini Top? A Bimini top is simply a canvas top for a boat, …

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How to find & fix inflatable boat air leak 2

How to find & fix inflatable boat air leak

Inflatable boats are durable, but like any other equipment, proper maintenance is a must to keep your dinghy in good condition. However, accidents do happen. Punctures and leaks are rare, but can be problematic. A slow air leak can be especially annoying, especially when you can’t find the source of the problem. If your boat is losing air pressure – which is not caused by cold temperature – then, read this guide on how to fix punctures and slow air leaks in your inflatable boat. A pro tip: Before you go out on the water, check your dinghy for punctures, …

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Dry Inflatable Boat Avoid Mold

How to dry an inflatable boat and avoid mold

Inflatable boats are hard wearing, but without proper care, your inflatable boats will not last as long as they were meant to. As durable as they may be, we have to take necessary precautions to keep them in good condition. One of the problems that inflatable boat owners face is the formation of mold and mildew in their boats. Mold can cause your inflatable boat to degrade over time. Not to mention, it smells really bad. So to keep your inflatable boats in top condition, here are a few clever tips and advice on how to properly dry your boat …

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