Inflatable Vs Hard Kayak Comparison

Inflatable vs hard kayak – Real-life comparison & opinion

Are you unsure whether you should get an inflatable kayak or a hardshell one? This article lays out the differences between inflatable & rigid kayaks, so you can decide which is right for you. Let’s start! Pros and cons of inflatable vs hard kayaks If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick table to compare and present the differences between inflatable kayaks and hard kayaks. Inflatable kayak Hardshell kayak Weight and size Much lighter, a single person can carry it to the water About 2x as heavy as an inflatable of the same size. You may need 2 people …

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Tandem Kayak Seating Position

Where to sit in a tandem kayak? It matters a lot!

If you just bought or are thinking about buying a tandem kayak, you will probably be wondering about seating arrangements. Who sits where? And what if you’re paddling solo? Here is everything you need to know about the proper sitting positions in a tandem kayak. The same seating principles apply to both inflatable kayaks, and hard shell ones as well.

Inflatable Kayak Safety

Are inflatable kayaks safe or dangerous?

Despite what a lot of people think, inflatable kayaks are incredibly durable and safe. They are built to withstand tough conditions these days, thanks to modern materials and manufacturing processes. You can take them on rivers, lakes or even out to sea without fear of them popping and sinking. If you’ve never sat in one before, I think you will be surprised at how stable and rigid an inflatable kayak feels out on the water. Is inflatable kayaking safe? If you take proper precautions to stay safe on the water (just like you would in any other boat), inflatable kayaking is perfectly …

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Minn Kota Digital Maximizer Worth It Review

The science behind Minn Kota’s Digital Maximizer. Are they better?

You’ve read the marketing material about Minn Kota’s Digital Maximizer technology. It sounds great! Up to Five Times Longer Run Time on a Single Charge. 5x longer run time? Yes please! But does it work and is it worth the extra $$$? Let’s find out. How does the Digital Maximizer work? To find out what makes Digital Maximizer motors work more efficiently, let’s first have a look at how traditional trolling motors work. (The Fisherman’s Electrical Manual is a good read if you want to know the details.)

What Is Halkey Roberts Valve

What is a Halkey-Roberts valve?

So you’ve bought your new inflatable boat, only to realize the valve looks way different than the one on the inflatable raft you had when you were a kid. Reading the instructions, you realize it is a Halkey-Roberts valve. But how do you use it? What on Earth is a Halkey-Roberts valve? The Halkey-Roberts valve (also called HR valve) is a one-way check valve. It makes the inflation and deflation of inflatable items as quick as possible, because it does not let air out while you are pumping into it. HR valves are the most popular valve types you’ll find …

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Marine Battery Group Sizes

Marine battery group size guide

If you run a trolling motor on your boat or any other accessories that need to be powered (stereo, fish finder, etc), you will need a marine battery. While searching for batteries, you will come across the term battery group size. But what are battery group sizes exactly? What is the meaning of Battery Group Size? The term “battery group size” simply refers to the battery’s physical case size. It is a specification that you’ll find on all boat batteries. It is basically the physical measurements of the battery casing as set by the Battery Council International (BCI). The height, …

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Trolling Motor And Battery Weight

How much does a trolling motor and battery weigh?

Depending on what kind of boating you plan on doing, the weight of your supplies can really add up. No matter whether you are looking to place a trolling motor on an inflatable boat, a kayak, pontoon boat, etc., you will need to take the weight of the motor and the marine battery into consideration when planning your trip. In this article, you’ll find info comparing the weight of different classes of trolling motors, as well as the batteries that power them.

Boston Valve Featured

What is a Boston valve? Usage tips and tricks!

If you’re shopping for an inflatable boat, you will have probably come across the term Boston valve. It sounds impressive as it is part of the advertising material, but wait a minute. What on Earth is a Boston valve? A Boston valve is one-way check valve with 2 ports, which allows for easy inflation and quick deflation of inflatable items. It is used in larger inflatable products, such as inflatable boats and mattresses, to speed up the process of inflation and deflation. As you can see on the image below, it has 3 core elements: The base, which is built …

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How to clean inflatable boats (to look like new)

Proper care, cleaning and maintenance of an inflatable boat will not only keep your boat in tip-top shape, it will also extend its lifespan. If your boat is cleaned regularly, it will look like new almost all of the time. But if you don’t clean maintain your boat, the fabric will start turning dark, which will take more effort to clean. It can be done, but it’s better to avoid it with regular cleaning.

[Guide] Inflatable Sports Boat Registration in All US States 1

[Guide] Inflatable Sports Boat Registration in All US States

It is necessary for boat owners to register their boats to legally operate them within a state. However,  every state has different conditions and requirements for boat registration. Specifications on the type of watercraft that needs to be registered vary from state to state as well. Do I need to register my inflatable boat? Most US states require boat owners to register their inflatable boats and bear a registration number, especially if the boat is motorized. However, some states do not. Policies and rules vary in each state, so it’s best to check the laws concerning boat registration in the state …

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