Inflatable Kayaks For Winter Kayaking Guide

Guide to Inflatable Kayaks for Winter Kayaking

More and more paddlers are choosing not to put their kayaks into winter storage, rather experience the stunning scenery and tranquility winter has to offer from the water. Before you head out, run through our guide to inflatable kayaks for winter kayaking to make sure you use a safe and suitable kayak. Can you use an inflatable kayak for winter kayaking? Yes you can, keeping in mind that inflatable kayaks are somewhat different from hardshell kayaks. People even use inflatable kayaks for extended self-support kayaking trips in Alaska, as you can see in this Men’s Journal article. Here is a …

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Best Winter Kayaking Destinations Locations

10 Breathtaking Winter Kayaking Locations for Your Bucket List

Kayaking is a great sport, which not only brings you close to the nature, but also helps you keep fit and healthy. Although most people enjoy this water sport during summer, winter kayaking is emerging as a new favorite among those looking for additional adventure. After looking at these beautiful winter kayaking locations, you won’t want to put your kayak into storage this coming winter.

Winter Kayaking Safety Rules

17 Winter Kayaking Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Less daylight and colder temperatures shouldn’t keep you from getting out on the water with your kayak, but after the warm seasons ends, you need to be prepared for maximum safety. People die every year from capsizing into the cold water. Even the best paddlers can fall victim to the dangers of cold-water immersion if they don’t follow basic winter kayaking safety precautions. You might be asking, “Is it safe to kayak in the winter?” It is only safe to kayak during winter, if you are fully prepared for the extremities of submerging in freezing-cold water. The primary hazard is …

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Fish Finders Inflatable Boats

Fish Finders and Inflatable Boats – Everything You Need to Know

Fish finders have helped several of my angler friends excel at their hobby. If you are new to fishing, are facing issues locating fish or you are not able to steer clear of no-fish spots, a fish finder will come in extremely handy. The device may not necessarily make you an expert angler overnight, but you would certainly be on the path to becoming one. Fish finders come in different shapes and sizes, and pack various tech. If you are looking to buy one for yourself, you should get to know the tool in detail and how to use it. …

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How To Choose Inflatable Kayak Paddles

How to Choose Inflatable Kayak Paddles for Perfect Paddling

The paddle used for inflatable kayaks is not necessarily identical to the ones that go with traditional hard-shell kayaks. Mostly, inflatable kayaks are wider than standard kayaks. This increased width needs to be accounted for when shopping for a paddle, along with your height and the kind of paddling you would be typically resorting to. Let’s discuss how to choose a kayak paddle in a bit more detail. There are a few things to consider when choosing a paddle for a kayak, be it inflatable or hard-shell. How to choose kayak Paddle Length? An inflatable kayak’s paddle length usually falls in …

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Deep Cycle Battery Charging Guide

How to Properly Charge a Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Battery for Longevity

Learning the ins and outs of deep cycle battery charging is the secret to extending the life of your batteries. There are many things you need to do and even more you don’t do, as I’ve learned from experience and readings. This instructional post will teach you the best way to charge a deep cycle marine battery used on boats to power a trolling motor and other electric gadgets. Let’s begin! Use a smart battery charger It seems like all devices nowadays are “smart”. This is true for deep cycle battery chargers as well in . One of the best …

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Can Dogs Go In Inflatable Kayak Boat

Can dogs go in an inflatable boat or kayak?

If you love kayaking and you have a dog that you cannot simply leave behind during your kayaking trips, you have no option but to carry your dog along. But is that a safe thing to do or are kayaks built to carry non-humans too. Let’s find out. Can you take a dog inflatable kayaking/boating? Yes, you can take your dog with you on an inflatable boat or kayak. Unlike early-gen inflatable kayaks, modern inflatables are made from much sturdier materials. In fact, most of these modern inflatable boats and kayaks are capable of withstanding contact with sharp rocks. Letting …

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Inflatable Vs Hard Kayak Comparison

Inflatable vs hard kayak – Real-life comparison & opinion

Are you unsure whether you should get an inflatable kayak or a hardshell one? This article lays out the differences between inflatable & rigid kayaks, so you can decide which is right for you. Let’s start! Pros and cons of inflatable vs hard kayaks If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick table to compare and present the differences between inflatable kayaks and hard kayaks. Inflatable kayak Hardshell kayak Weight and size Much lighter, a single person can carry it to the water About 2x as heavy as an inflatable of the same size. You may need 2 people …

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Tandem Kayak Seating Position

Where to sit in a tandem kayak? It matters a lot!

If you just bought or are thinking about buying a tandem kayak, you will probably be wondering about seating arrangements. Who sits where? And what if you’re paddling solo? Here is everything you need to know about the proper sitting positions in a tandem kayak. The same seating principles apply to both inflatable kayaks, and hard shell ones as well.

Inflatable Kayak Safety

Are inflatable kayaks safe or dangerous?

Despite what a lot of people think, inflatable kayaks are incredibly durable and safe. They are built to withstand tough conditions these days, thanks to modern materials and manufacturing processes. You can take them on rivers, lakes or even out to sea without fear of them popping and sinking. If you’ve never sat in one before, I think you will be surprised at how stable and rigid an inflatable kayak feels out on the water. Is inflatable kayaking safe? If you take proper precautions to stay safe on the water (just like you would in any other boat), inflatable kayaking is perfectly …

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