Sevylor Fish Hunter 360 Review

Sevylor Fish Hunter 360 review

If you are looking for an inflatable boat to go fishing in, you will probably have come across the Sevylor Fish Hunter models. Sevylor designed the boat with fishing enthusiasts in mind and has added features that anglers will appreciate. The Fish Hunter comes in 3 sizes, but the boats share the same features as we’ll outline below. Can the Fish Hunter make it onto my list of best SIBs money can buy? Let’s find out.

Airhead Angler Bay Review

Airhead Angler Bay review – Not just for fishing

Are you the kind of fishing enthusiast who frequently plans a fishing trip with friends or family? Do you like vacationing near lakes and streams where you can get an opportunity to fish? If so, then the Angler bay inflatable boat may be what you need. My review of Airhead’s Angler Bay SIB is based on my findings after using the boat for 3 days on a long weekend at a calm lake.

Intex Seahawk Review

Intex Seahawk 4 review – SIB on a budget

If there are any lakes in your area that you visit, you will have undoubtedly seen Intex Seahawk boats out on the water. It is a favorite among families for easy, fun boating. I decided to write a review on the Seahawk inflatable boat after getting to use one for a day at a lake in Hungary. Here are my thoughts on this raft.

Trolling Motors For Intex Inflatable Boats

Trolling motors for Intex inflatable rafts

If you already have an Intex inflatable boat or are looking to get one soon, getting an electric trolling motor is a great upgrade. An Intex raft paired with a motor opens up a lot of possibilities out on the water and is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike: fishing is made so much easier without the need for handling the oars, kids love cruising with a motorized boat, paddling is hard with many people in the boat. This article will list the best electric trolling motors for Intex inflatable boats (Mariner, Excursion, Seahawk, Challenger), and answer …

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Mariner 4 Review

Intex Mariner 4 review – My favorite SIB

The following review of the Intex Mariner 4 will highlight to you the various reasons that put the Mariner 4 among the best boats you can find on the market as far as strength, performance, and practicality are concerned. I have a lot of experience with this boat, since I own one. Naturally, I use a trolling motor with it, more on that later.


Gasoline outboard motors for inflatable boats [Guide]

If you have an inflatable dinghy with a keel and a fixed transom, you might want to skip the electric trolling motor and invest in a gasoline-powered outboard motor. Unlike electric trolling motors, outboard motors can make your boat go fast. You’ll be able to get your boat on plane, which is always a thrill.


Intex Excursion 5 review – A day on the water

The Intex Excursion family of boats are definitely among the most popular boats on the market. The Excursion 5 is among the biggest boats you can find. I had a chance to use one on the lake a while back, and think the Excursion 5 makes an excellent vessel for large families that are trying to find a portable and price-friendly boat for a summer outing on the lake. The following is a review of the Excursion 5, in which I’ll give you valuable insight into the features, specifications, and overall qualities that this raft offers on the water.

Hydrofoil on a motorized SIB: yes or no? 1

Hydrofoil on a motorized SIB: yes or no?

Many inflatable boat owners like to upgrade their SIBs either aesthetically or mechanically. As a first upgrade, I always recommend the installation of a hydrofoil on your outboard motor. It has numerous advantages, makes your motorized boat faster & safer, and best of all, it is cheap. What is a hydrofoil? A hydrofoil is a lifting surface in the form of a foil, which is operated in water. It bears similar appearance and purpose as airfoils, which are actually the wings of an airplane. Boats and watercraft that have hydrofoils installed are termed as hydrofoils. The term Hydrofoil actually refers …

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Top life vests for your SIB adventures

Best life vests for inflatable boats and kayaks

A life vest, also known as life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD), is considered fundamental safety gear for boating and kayaking. If you’re out fishing, recreational boating, and doing various water sports, you and the kids in your SIB should always wear a life jacket. Life jackets are designed to keep one’s head above the water to prevent drowning. They are a must-have onboard your inflatable, but remember that it’s not enough to just stow them nearby. Most drowning accidents occur even when life vests are available nearby, but victims chose not to wear them because they know how …

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10 fun inflatable rafts/boats for your pool

Who wouldn’t want to have fun with the whole family without having to go too far? That’s basically why we have swimming pools in our backyards! Whether you want to throw a party or you just want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, swimming pools are ‘the place to be’ during nice weather 🙂 To make things even more fun, it’s a good idea to buy inflatable rafts for your pool, floaties and other pool toys. There is a wide variety of inflatable rafts and boats to choose from that are great for backyard swimming pools. In …

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