Top life vests for your SIB adventures

Best life vests for inflatable boats and kayaks

A life vest, also known as life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD), is considered fundamental safety gear for boating and kayaking. If you’re out fishing, recreational boating, and doing various water sports, you and the kids in your SIB should always wear a life jacket. Life jackets are designed to keep one’s head above the water to prevent drowning. They are a must-have onboard your inflatable, but remember that it’s not enough to just stow them nearby. Most drowning accidents occur even when life vests are available nearby, but victims chose not to wear them because they know how …

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10 fun inflatable rafts/boats for your pool

Who wouldn’t want to have fun with the whole family without having to go too far? That’s basically why we have swimming pools in our backyards! Whether you want to throw a party or you just want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, swimming pools are ‘the place to be’ during nice weather 🙂 To make things even more fun, it’s a good idea to buy inflatable rafts for your pool, floaties and other pool toys. There is a wide variety of inflatable rafts and boats to choose from that are great for backyard swimming pools. In …

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Best transparent bottom inflatable boats

Clear bottom inflatable boats were first used near the coast of Santa Catalina Island in South California; but, they only started becoming popular after several natural springs became tourist attractions in Florida. This kind of boat is characterized by a clear section of glass (or other transparent material) below the waterline, allowing passengers in the boat to view the underwater environment from inside the boat. These boats are only often used for tours because glass flooring is not really suitable for other activities. They are best used in calm waters like lakes and springs, but they are also often used …

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Inflatable Boat Electric Trolling Motors

Best Trolling Motors for Inflatable Boats [Guide]

Getting an electric trolling motor for your inflatable raft or dinghy is a great upgrade. It makes boating fun for the family, and fishing trips much easier. Choosing an engine to power your SIB can be very difficult though. A lot of motors have features that are appealing, but which ones do you actually need? We’ve put together a thorough guide on everything you need to know about electric trolling motors to help you in deciding which one is perfect for your SIB.

Inflatable boat sealant usage guide 1

Inflatable boat sealant usage guide

Punctures and leaks on inflatable boats are rare, but risky and unpredictable. It is wise to inspect your boat on a regular basis, otherwise you may find yourself on a sinking ship. To check if your dinghy has a leak, you can simply leave it inflated for a period of time. A dinghy in good condition will remain tightly inflated. But if it is losing air pressure and has become soft over time, it might either be caused by cold temperature or by a puncture or tear that is slowly leaking air. If you suspect that your dinghy has a …

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