Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak Review

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak Reviewed (300x vs 380x vs 420x)

The Sea Eagle Explorer kayak is a versatile and extremely durable inflatable kayak with all-round capabilities. The 300x is part of Sea Eagle’s famed Explorer line-up and is the most compact in the series. The 380x is for 2 people, and the 420x is for 3 people (but 2 fit better). My neighbor bought this kayak and I had the chance to play with a 380x in Fl on the Intercoastal and even took it out on the ocean. Keep reading to learn more about the boat and find out if it’s worth your money and suits your requirements.

6 Person Inflatable Boats

Best 6-person inflatable boats

If you have a large family or like to entertain friends on the lake, you will need to get an inflatable boat that has the capacity to carry 6 people. Unfortunately your choices are limited, since not many inflatable boats are made for 6 people to fit. Even the ones that are advertised to fit 6 people are usually rather tight (if 6 people can get in at all). Most 6 person SIBs can carry 2-3 adults plus 2-3 children.

Sea Eagle 126sr Review

Sea Eagle 12’6″ Sport Runabout Review – Pros and Cons

The Sea Eagle 12.6 Sports Runabout is a medium-sized, premium inflatable dinghy. Sea Eagle products have always been known for their rugged, confidence-inspiring builds. Whether you use the boat extensively or pull it out once a week or month, the 12.6SR should keep chugging regardless. I had the opportunity to test the air floor version of the boat for the better part of a day in Fl, and have been wanting to put my thoughts to “paper” ever since to help others considering the boat. Let’s learn more about the Runabout to find out if it’s right for you in …

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Bris Bsa380 Inflatable Boat Review

BRIS BSA380 Review / Great Value & Quality 12.5ft Inflatable Boat

There is no dearth of inflatable boats on the market. But not all are made the same. As you will read in this review, the BRIS BSA380 is a very high quality inflatable boat built for rafting, fish hunters, scuba diving, or whatever you can throw at it. It’s built robustly enough to put up with the daily grunt and grind of professional rafting, and caters to recreational rafters equally well. If you are on the market looking for a high quality inflatable boat, the BRIS BSA380 is worth taking a look at. In fact, it is one of the …

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Solstice Voyager 6 Person Inflatable Raft

Solstice Voyager Inflatable Raft Review

The Solstice Voyager comes in 4 versions, based on size. You could buy a 2, 4, 5 and 6 person model, but it seems you can only get the 6 person version (model 30800) nowadays. I had the chance to use the 6 person Solstice Voyager this summer on a calm lake, so this review will be based around my findings with that particular boat. Features of the Solstice Voyager This boat is one of the lowest priced inflatable rafts you can buy in . As such, you can’t really expect much from the boat. It is made up of …

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Best Inflatable Boats.jpg

15 best inflatable boats for every need

In today’s inflatable boat market, there are numerous models and types of SIBs. New ones are introduced regularly as well. They may have the same construction material or composition, but manufacturers continue to claim features and upgrades that make their boats appealing. In this sea of marketing ploys, it is hard to make a choice. This is the reason why I have prepared an article on the best inflatable boats for every need. Pouring all my knowledge and experience into this article, you get a chance to read reviews of the best inflatable boats and, of course, things you have …

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Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

10 Best Trolling Motor Batteries [Guide]

Electric trolling motors run on marine deep-cycle batteries. You probably knew that already, but it’s not as simple as taking any battery from a shelf. To make sure the battery you choose is compatible with your motor, expectations and intended usage, there are several things you need to take into consideration: capacity voltage weight and size deep cycle or cold cranking maintenance build technology In this review of the top trolling motor batteries of , I’ll show you the best ones and teach you how to choose the most suitable battery for your specific needs. Let’s start!

Best Fishing Inflatable Boats Guide

Best fishing inflatable boats [New models]

If you like fishing, you may have faced the handling, transportation and storage problems involved with a traditional rigid fishing boat. It’s perhaps one of the biggest reasons for avid anglers to give up their hobby. Inflatable fishing boats have made the life of fishing enthusiasts much easier though. In fact, I’ve been using SIBs for fishing for years, and have tried many types of inflatable watercraft during this time. In this detailed guide, I will list my top picks for the best inflatable fishing boats in . I will also cover the most important factors you need to consider …

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Best Remote Control Trolling Motors

5 Best Remote Control Trolling Motors Review & Guide

You already know what an electric trolling motor is, but have you heard of remote control trolling motors? These innovative motors make a fisherman’s job much-much easier by allowing for remote control of the boat. And there is more! The best RC systems in actually automate steering and thrust control using GPS coordinates, so a fisherman can fish without having to control the boat. Let’s dive into how they work and which ones are good.

Newport Vessels Inflatable Dinghy Review

Newport Vessels inflatable dinghy review

In this review of the dinghies made by Newport Vessels, my focus will be on the different specs and features that make them the remarkable inflatable sports tenders they are. I’ll also consider their production process, how they stack up against the competition, as well as what comes with a Newport Vessels sports boat. I have ridden in several models, and have a definite opinion on the boats. Let’s have a look! Features of the boat The various boats Newport Vessels offers differ by size, but are basically the same with regard to durability and construction. They have 2 lines …

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